Thursday, April 16, 2009


Welcome to The Vegan's Are Coming! We are Bai and Shirley, two vegans who love our fitness, food and gardens. This will serve as our little bloggy about trying to live as sustainably as possible through our diet and backyards, as well as keeping our bodies in a healthiest state as possible. Being vegan, this can be perceived as very hard, and we are here to say "No! I can consume as much, if not more protein/nutrients/calcium/insert various other misconceptions about our diet than your average Omni, and have the same energy output to boot".

Once we get this cranking, you'll find recipes that range from low calorie, high protein meals to sweet tooth placaters. We'll have little tips about growing inexpensive and essential veggies and legumes, as well as feeding your garden in a natural way. We'll also talk about vegan fitness, and how easy it is to get a high performance rate out of a vegan diet.

xxx Bai & Shurl

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